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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy was updated on Mar 29, 2019

SuperVank takes your personal information seriously. This Privacy Policy is to help you understand what information of yours is collected, used, disclosed, transferred, and stored by SuperVank. This Privacy Policy is important, so please take some time to read it carefully. SuperVank takes your personal information seriously. This Privacy Policy is to help you understand what information of yours is collected, used, disclosed, transferred, and stored by SuperVank. This Privacy Policy is important, so please take some time to read it carefully.

SuperVank's Privacy Policy covers the following:

  • Information collected by SuperVank and purpose of collection
  • How SuperVank uses personal information
  • Options provided by SuperVank (including how to access and update information)

Personal Information Collected by SuperVank

SuperVank collects a variety of information, from basic information such as the user's name, to more detailed information such as logs in order to better serve all users.

SuperVank collects information in the following ways:

  • Information you provide - Many SuperVank services require you to create a SuperVank account before you can use them. When you sign up for a SuperVank account, SuperVank will ask you for personal information such as your name, gender, date of birth, email address, phone number, or bank account information to store with your account.
  • If you invite someone else to use the SuperVank service, SuperVank may collect information about that person, such as their name, email address, and phone number. SuperVank will use this information to process your requests, provide related services, and prevent fraud.

How we collect information other than personal information

SuperVank also collects data that is not directly related to a particular individual. Information other than personal information may be collected, used, transmitted, and disclosed for any purpose. Information other than personal information collected by SuperVank includes the following.

  • SuperVank may collect information such as your usage history on SuperVank, connection, and IP address information to better understand user behavior and improve the service and advertising.
  • SuperVank may collect and store detailed information about your use of our services, including search terms, to improve the relevance of the results provided by SuperVank’s services.
  • Information collected when you use our service:
  • SuperVank may collect information about the services you use and how you use them, such as when you access the service or when you view and use SuperVank ads and content. This information includes:
  • Device information
    SuperVank collects device-specific information such as hardware model, operating system version, unique device identifier, and mobile network information (including phone number). SuperVank can link the device identifier or phone number to your SuperVank account.
  • Log information
    When you use the SuperVank service or view content provided by SuperVank, SuperVank automatically collects and stores certain information in the server log. This includes downloading details about how the user used the SuperVank service and device event information such as system activity.
  • Location information
    When you use the SuperVank service, SuperVank can collect and process information about your physical location. SuperVank uses a variety of technologies to determine your location, including IP address, GPS, as well as peripheral devices, Wi-Fi access points, base stations, and so on.
  • Unique application number
    Some services include a unique application number. Installation information such as this number and operating system type, application version number, etc., may be sent to SuperVank when the service periodically connects to the SuperVank server to install or uninstall the service, or to request automatic updates.
  • Local storage
    SuperVank can use mechanisms such as application data caching to collect information (including personal information) and store it locally on the user's device.
  • Cookies and other technology
    SuperVank uses a variety of technologies to collect and store information when you use the service, which may include identifying your browser or device using cookies and other technologies. These technologies help us understand user behavior, identify where users are using the service, facilitate advertising and search function, and measure their effectiveness. We also use these technologies to collect and store information when you interact with the services SuperVank provides to its partners.

Use of your personal information by SuperVank

SuperVank uses the information collected from all SuperVank services for the purpose of providing, maintaining, protecting, improving, and developing new services, and protecting SuperVank and its users.

SUPERVANK uses your personal information in the following ways:

  • If the user is using a SuperVank account, operations run in another company's application linked with the user's name, login ID, SuperVank or a SuperVank account (including advertising and other displays for commercial purposes) can be displayed in the SuperVank service.
  • SuperVank can use your personal information, such as your date of birth, to identify you, assist in identifying you, and identify appropriate services. For example, we can use your date of birth to determine the age of the SuperVank ID account holder.
  • SuperVank will notify you of software updates and upcoming events using the personal information we collect. You have the right to update your settings to reject such notifications.
  • In some cases, we may use your personal information to convey important notices, such as forwarding information about purchased items and changes to terms and conditions and policies. Because this information is important with regards to the interaction between you and SuperVank, you cannot opt out of receiving this information.
  • If you contact SuperVank, SuperVank keeps a record of communication with you to help you troubleshoot any problems you may be experiencing. SuperVank can use your e-mail address, device information, contact information, etc. to provide information related to the SuperVank service such as planned changes or improvements.
  • With the express consent of the user, SuperVank can help application developers improve their applications by gathering data on how users use devices and applications.
  • SuperVank can also use your personal information for internal purposes such as creating, developing, operating, providing, and improving SuperVank services, content and advertising, and for preventing loss and fraud, data analysis, and research.

SuperVank will first ask for your consent when using this information for purposes other than those stated in this Privacy Policy.

SuperVank handles personal information on SuperVank servers in various countries around the world. SuperVank can process your personal information from servers located outside your home country.

Transparency and User's Choice

Each user has different privacy-related concerns. SuperVank's goal is to make it clear to users what information we are collecting so that users can make meaningful choices about how information is used.

  • The SuperVank service can retrieve information associated with your SuperVank account.
  • SuperVank can review and manage certain types of information associated with SuperVank accounts.
  • In other applications and platforms, you can set up in your account whether or not to receive information about our products and services.
  • You can use ad settings to view and edit SuperVank ads preferences displayed in SuperVank and the Service, such as categories you are interested in. You can also choose not to use certain SuperVank advertising services by visiting the relevant page.
  • You can review and update your SuperVank activity controls to select the type of data to be stored in your account when using the SuperVank service. You can also control how certain activities are stored in cookies or similar technologies on your device when you visit these controls and use the SuperVank service while logged out of your account.

You can also set your browser to block all cookies, including cookies associated with the SuperVank service, or to notify you when SuperVank is installing cookies. However, please be aware that blocking cookies may prevent many SuperVank services from working properly.

Personal Information Security Measures

SuperVank takes the security of personal information very seriously. SuperVank has established various safeguards to ensure the security of personal information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. These include technical protection measures such as periodic self-audits, regular training of employees, implementation of internal controls, establishment of security programs to prevent hacking, and the management of access to personal information processing systems. However, despite the efforts of SuperVank, we would like to inform you that the safeguards are not perfect or inviolable.

SuperVank restricts access to personal information to SuperVank employees, contractors and agents who need to process personal information instead of SuperVank. They will have a strict confidentiality obligation under their contract with us, breach of which can result in sanctions or termination of contracts.

Accessing and Updating Your Personal Information

SuperVank wants you to have access to your personal information at any time while using the SuperVank service. In the event that such information is incorrect, SuperVank will endeavor to provide you with a way to update or delete such information promptly, unless it is required to do so for legitimate business or legal purposes. If you update your personal information, SuperVank may ask you to verify your identity before processing your request.

SuperVank may reject unreasonably repetitive requests, requests that require excessive technical effort, requests that infringe on someone else's personal information, or very unrealistic requests.

SuperVank provides free access to information and modification services unless excessive effort is required. SuperVank wants to maintain its services in a way that protects information from accidental or malicious deletion. As a result, SuperVank may not immediately delete a copy from the SuperVank active server after the user has deleted the information from the SuperVank service, and may not delete the information from the backup system.

Information Shared by SuperVank

SuperVank does not share personal information with companies, organizations and individuals outside of SuperVank except in the following special cases:

  • Where the user agrees to such
    If you agree, SuperVank may share personal information with companies, organizations and individuals outside of SuperVank, and you may choose to share your personal information with third party platforms such as social networking applications.
  • Where information is shared with a domain manager
    If a domain manager manages a SuperVank account on our behalf, domain administrators and resellers who provide user support can access your SuperVank account information (including email and other data). Domain managers can perform actions such as suspending or terminating account access and accessing or archiving information stored in an account.
  • Where external processing is required
    SuperVank may entrust personal information to another platform or trusted company or individual for the purpose of processing personal information in accordance with SuperVank guidelines, this Privacy Policy, and other confidentiality and security measures.
  • Where required by law
    SuperVank may share personal information with companies, organizations or individuals outside of SuperVank if it believes that access, use, preservation or disclosure of personal information is necessary for the following purposes:
  • Compliance with applicable laws, regulations, legal processes or enforceable government requests
  • Enforcement of the relevant Terms of Service, including investigating violations of the Terms of Service
  • Detection, prevention, or resolution of fraud, security, or technical issues
  • Protection of SuperVank, SuperVank’s users, public rights, property, and safety

SuperVank can share non-personally identifiable information with SuperVank partners such as publishers, advertisers, and linked sites, and make such information publicly available. This is the case when we publicly disclose information showing general usage trends of SuperVank services.

SuperVank maintains the confidentiality of related personal information in the event of an acquisition, merger, or sale of assets, and the personal information is communicated to the relevant third party and notified to the user in advance before being subject to the company's personal information processing policy.


SuperVank's Privacy Policy may change from time to time. SuperVank will not reduce the user's rights described in this Privacy Policy without your explicit consent. SuperVank will post the contents of this Policy on this page if there are any changes in the policy of personal information processing and will actively notify users of changes in the Privacy Policy via e-mail, etc. SuperVank also stores earlier versions of this Privacy Policy for users to see.

Compliance with Regulations and Cooperation with Regulatory Authorities

SuperVank regularly reviews its compliance with its own Privacy Policy. If a complaint is received through an official written notification, SuperVank will contact the complainant and follow up. SuperVank cooperates with local regulatory authorities, including local data protection authorities, to resolve any complaints that cannot be solved directly with users regarding the transmission of personal information.

Company-wide Efforts to Protect Your Privacy

To maintain the security of your personal information, SuperVank notifies SuperVank employees of personal information and security guidelines and strictly enforces the Privacy Policy within the company.

Inquiries related to Personal Information

If you have any questions or concerns regarding SuperVank's Privacy Policy or data processing, please Contact Us at any time.

If you wish to contact SuperVank, SuperVank will actively endeavor to provide you with information on how to resolve complaints that may apply to your situation.

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